resist that which makes you a monster and me a ghost 

          am i going away? no.
I am going to build a spaceship. My compass is erect with super futures. Haunting, my fuel.  
Super Futures
Haunt Qollective

Super Futures Haunt Qollective 

Super Futures Haunt Qollective (SFHQ) is an art and research based collaboration between three avatars: SFAOW (Specularity: Fugitive-Alterity Or Whatever), Agent O, and Lady HOW (Haunting or Whatever). In their terrestrial forms, SFHQ members F. Sam Jung (MCP, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is a sky person and urban planner in New York, and C. Ree (MFA University of California, Irvine) is an artist and film programmer based in California, and has only once been visited by Our Lady. Angie Morrill (Klamath Tribes) holds a Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies from University of California, San Diego and is a shut-in cat lady who paints pictures for money. She is also the director of the Indian Education Program for the Portland School District.
SFHQ shares a theoretical and visceral relationship to haunting as a decolonial and inevitable response to the violence of colonialism. SFHQ also shares an affective, life-generating bond rooted in love that affirms our own existence and those of all people that impels us to look for, create, and demand more ethical futures not-yet-here.

SFHQ has exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; San Diego Art Institute; the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History; The Alice Gallery in Seattle; and Seattle’s Wing Luke Museum. In 2019, SFHQ participated in the yәhaw̓ show, “Lifting the Sky,” the inaugural exhibition of King Street Station Gallery in Seattle featuring over 200 Indigenous artists from across the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. In 2020, SFHQ was invited to participate in a show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tucson, that has been postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis.